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Zmode switch

David Meadows with King Bass

About Us...


I have been involved in the design of signal acquisition and processing equipment for twenty plus years. In the middle of the night I would get up to practice, it seems kind of natural that the two would eventually collide. My experience includes designing and launching my own products in high-tech industries, working for small to Fortune 1000 companies, and I have 15 patents to my name. You have probably used the results of my work even if you do not know it - it's better than 50/50 odds that your own computer contains ICs that were manufactured using process equipment I designed.

All that means very little unless I can use that experience and knowledge to create useful, innovative music products that you want to buy for a price you will feel good about paying.

Our first product, Z-Mode - a Bass Guitar Preamp with impedance control, - has gotten a great reception from players. It is really fun to see the "No not me, I do not like that sort of thing - but ok I could at least try it" transform to the "Ok - I'm sold - how do I get one of these". A personal favorite is the "I've seen it all before ..." from the hardened professional musicians - can't say I blame them for being skeptical - there is so much hype today; it only makes it more enjoyable for both of us when they actually experience the product.

Will it work for you - we are quite positive (and offer a money back guarantee) but we all have different ears, desires and tastes - try one out and let us know what you think.

David Meadows
Founder, Designer, Bass Player
Audere Audio