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FAQ - Active Mixing

All Audere preamps feature active pickup mixing.
With our preamps you get active mixing if you use a balance control or two independent volume controls.

All passive basses and most other preamps only have passive mixing located in front of the preamp. Using a passive mixing system can often leave a bass with 3 usable tones. 100% neck or bridge and both on center setting. Many bass builders use 100% center balance pots (really 2 W taper elements) which is helpful to get a better sounding bass but not equivalent to active mixing.

With an active mixing system you get a smooth uniform scan across all pickup combinations and the sound never gets muddy.

Active mixing is especially advantageous when you have different types of pickups that need to be mixed together - like a PJ pickup setup.

Choosing between active balance and multiple volume controls:
If you mainly play with both pickups at equal volume then a balance control will probably work best for you. With our active balance control can you get very fine control on the ratios.
If you play mainly on 1 pickup then a multiple volume setup will probably work better. The logarithmic tapers on the volume controls allows more control so you can add a small amount of the 2nd pickup more precisely. We also offer a master volume control so you can vary the overall volume and not disturb the mix that you set on the independent controls.

We feel a active linear balance control is the best choice but often players prefer the type of balance controls they are most used to working with. This causes the most concern for the players which are used to a 100% on balance control. With the 100% on at center balance control you get the max volume in the center (both pickups on) and as you move toward either single pickup the volume is reduced. If you have a preference for this volume effect (which works better than a standard balance control in a passive balance system) and you purchased a 3ZB preamp then you can still get this type of response.

To get the volume curve of a passive type 100% on balance control - wire a 100% on balance pot to the Audere preamp in the multiple volume control mode instead of using the standard balance wires. Since we do not stock 100% on balance pots, you will have to provide the balance control and do a small amount of your own wiring but this is relatively simple as shown below:

You will now have a response curve which is louder output in the center (like you are used to) and the output will be reduced as either pickup is soloed and the pickup mixing will be more useable than you are used to when using passive balance controls.