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FAQ - Purchasing

How do I know I will like it?
How soon will you ship it?
How much is shipping?
How do I buy online?
Can I buy from my local retailer?
Where do you ship to?
Can you mark the customs form with gift or sample?

How do I know I will like it?
We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee - try it for 10 days - that link goes to all the fine print - not to worry, it's straight-up fair and reasonable.
How soon will you ship it?
Pro JZ Jazz preamps ship in 0 - 2 days, most often the same day.
Pro Z Module preamps ship in 3 - 5 business days.
We prefer USPS priority mail for shipping - faster, cheaper.
How much is shipping?
Add a preamp to your cart - the system will calculate the shipping cost to you by different speed options.
Note in the US we recommend Priority shipping as Express shipping will normally only save you 1 day.
How do I buy it online?
Audere Web Order Pay Video which shows the process.
The products and options are listed on the Purchase pages. If you want to save the cart for a few days, just click 'save cart'. You'll be asked to register, our program doesn't track carts to IP addresses. Check out our warranty and the purchase terms and process on these links. When you are ready to order, go to the product page or into your account for a saved cart and go from there. We use Paypal as our secure transaction provider. You can use a charge card or echeck and you don't need a Paypal account. Or you can send a check and we'll process the order once it clears.
Can I buy from my local retailer?
Only if you are local. We do not have anything against retailers and they add value for many players helping them select good equipment but our sells price point compared to costs does not allow us to go through the normal distribution process.
You might note that we sell for 1/2 what our major competition does in the jazz preamp market and part of what allows us to sell at this price point is selling direct on the web.
Do you ship outside of the USA?
We ship to North America, most European countries (and our product is ROHS compliant). If you live else where, drop us an email.
Can you indicate it is a gift or sample on the customs form?
Sorry - we play it straight.