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Zmode switch

Zmode switch in low position

Low Z

The Low Z-Mode setting is a new sound for the Electric Bass Guitar.

The sound is deep and driving and will really make a B string (or lower) come alive.

As a warning - the rest of your amplifier system is going to get more of the string fundamental frequency than normal. I hope it can handle it - you have been warned...

the Details

In the Low Z-Mode the impedance loading the pickups is very small which has some interesting effects - the individual strings on your bass will no long "see" the effects of vibration in the other strings. This is like have a single pickup coil for each string. Of course, mechanical interconnections between strings, for example through the bridge or neck, will still exist and affect the sound. If you are a chord player, the lack of string interaction will lower the distortion. The reduced distortion is measurable and is within the normal hearing range but it is a fine distinction that may not be of significance to some players.

Low Z Gain Adjustment: In the Low Z-Mode, the output level will vary depending on the pickups used. Pickups are constructed with stronger/weaker magnetic fields and more/less turns on the pickup windings. To make sure our design will work with virtually all pickups - we have included a gain adjustment for each pickup.

Pro Z Module has 2 small adjusters (pots) on the bottom left side. It is a single turn adjuster. The pot to the left is for the pickup connected to the Black/White input (Bridge pickup).

Pro JZ3-JZ6D has 2 small adjusters on the bottom center of the thick part. It is a single turn adjuster. The pot to the left is for the Neck pickup.

This gain adjustment only affects the Low Z-Mode's gain. If you want more gain, turn the gain adjustment for that pickup clockwise. If less gain is required turn counter clockwise. It is a relative gain control - it does not affect the frequency response of the pickup but due to the way humans hear your ears need lots of volume or sound pressure level to hear low notes. So adjusting the gain up will make your bass appear to be getting lower when actually it is just making the existing lower frequencies more audible. The increased volume is a commonly abused trick used by many bass guitar manufactures to make an active bass sound better than the passive bass. That is not the goal here - we are attempting to adjust the relative volumes of the Low Z-Mode when compared to the Mid or High Z-Modes, all of which are active modes. Adjust the relative volume to taste but make sure you do not clip the output level when you play really hard. If the output starts to clip the sound will have a distinct harshness to it.